Expected Key result areas/Outcomes

By the end of this module, participants should be able:

1.To describe and explain the importance of environmental health, local, regional and global environmental problems, environmental management and perspectives.

2.To describe and explain the most important health hazards linked to different working activities and workplaces.

3.To design appropriate measures of waste and excreta disposal and water supply, especially for health units, institutions and urban areas.

4.To design appropriate interventions for prevention and control of environmental hazards;

5.To describe and explain measures and policies to protect workers to prevent occupational diseases and injuries, for a just and equitable health system, in a just and equitable society

6.To continue in their quest for knowledge and understanding of the complex interaction between human beings and environment and of its consequences for human health.

7.To appreciate and explain the gender related abuses and injustices taking place in the workplace worldwide and in Uganda.

8.To appreciate and explain the tragedy of child labour in the world and in Uganda.